RIA Solutions Group LLC is a premier computer software development services company. We have been helping companies solve their business challenges with software technology for over a decade.

What We Do / What We Can Do for You

We help our clients deliver information and services to executives, decision makers, employees, customers and suppliers and business partners.

Our core services include:

  • development partnering
  • custom software application development services for web, desktop, mobile and cloud
  • data and database management services
  • reporting and business intelligence

We specialize in Microsoft and Oracle Java Technologies.

We provide our expertise as an ‘as needed’ service and a ‘development partner’ where our team works as an extension of your team.

With a staff of over 65 developers, project managers, software architects, database administrators, user interface designers, software developers and quality assurance professionals, we are the team to handle any challenge your business faces.

How We Do It

At RIA, we are constantly focused on providing value to our clients. We do this by leveraging our expertise in the technologies in which we specialize, our experience in building superior software, our client focused attitude and a proprietary development process that is equal parts Agile methodology and techniques honed from a decade of successful client relationships.

RIA Project Management Site

  • Schedule management
  • Issue management
  • Time management

Why We Do It

At RIA, our focus is on being the best technologists and client partners that we can be. We always seek ways to improve in every facet of our business. As such, we are a provider of choice for our clients because of the business value we create and the professionalism we demonstrate.