About Us

Who we are.

Welcome to our experienced and trusted international software development services company.

We offer a diverse range of solutions: application modernization services, cloud engineering services, infrastructure implementation services, BI reporting, big data and analytics, cloud consultancy, and digital product consultancy, and we specialize in applications services and consultancy services.

We aim to help businesses optimize operations and improve performance through technology and innovative solutions.

At RIA Solutions Group, the success of our clients is the ultimate measure of our success. That’s why we are committed to delivering exceptional results, building long-term relationships with our clients, and exceeding their expectations.

Our mission is to redefine the experience of working with a software development services provider.

Mission statement.

We seek to redefine the experience of working with a software development services provider.

Tim Starets

RIA leadership

Tim Starets


Andrei Chirila

Managing Director

Our values.


We approach each partnership with integrity, accountability, and respect.

The professionalism we invest in every relationship represents the framework for our performance. It also guides us when it comes to doing the right things and doing things right. It enables us to devote integrity and excellence to each project, expanding our stellar competencies.


We value our partners’ resources by proactively managing all of our commitments.

We spare no effort to be consistent in our business activity. Whether it is about communication, implementation or results, we aim to be a reliable partner, always meeting and exceeding expectations.

Result oriented

We are committed to delivering exceptional results and adding value to our partners’ business.

We aim to live up to our mission by focusing on the outcome of every partnership we invest ourselves. We provide value by achieving great and consistent results, thus building a trustful collaboration with our shareholders.

We have extremely high standards for quality, and we have the processes in place to make every delivery a successful one.

Customer focus

We are always looking to improve our performance, constantly fulfilling our partners’ expectations.

We strive to engage with every client, to understand their business concerns, and be responsive to their needs. We place emphasis on the customer’s needs by regularly evaluating our performance, clearly communicating outcomes and results, and implementing needed changes.

People orientation

We are developing a sustainable, nurturing culture of great people as the nucleus of our business.

Our endless pursuit for quality both as a service provider and people organization is made possible by every passionate soul that shapes the backbone of RIA. The energy, mindset, and skills that each individual brings to the table is the ultimate driver of our success.

Inside our office.


Our mission is to provide exceptional technology solutions to help our clients achieve their goals and succeed in today's rapidly changing business environment.