Data and Big Data

We help companies effectively manage their data with expertise in data and big data solutions.

With the rapidly increasing rate of data creation in every industry, it’s essential to have the right tools and skills to handle it. At RIA Solutions Group, we have over a decade of experience in designing and implementing data solutions of any scale, from simple relational databases to cloud-based big data solutions.

Our data team builds and maintains data solutions using a wide variety of technologies and products. We have extensive experience working with traditional enterprise data stored in relational database systems like MS SQL Server, Oracle Database, and MySQL. We provide database and data warehouse design, programming, and administration services.

We also understand that enterprises are increasingly looking to leverage the unique capabilities of NoSQL databases. Each type of NoSQL database has a certain niche in which it fits best. Our team helps clients select the right NoSQL database for their business needs. Our expertise in NoSQL databases includes MongoDB, Cassandra, Riak, and others.

Working with data at scale requires a new paradigm, and that’s where cloud-based big data solutions come in. The performance of traditional data storage using relational databases degrades significantly as data volumes grow past a certain size. We have expertise in designing, implementing, and maintaining cloud-based big data solutions using data processing technologies like Hadoop and the ability to scale physically to larger servers or parallel processing offered by Cloud providers like AWS and Azure.

Embrace the power of modern technology with our application modernization services.

A cloud-based B2B wealth management platform for enhancing financial advisor productivity.

A success story of how the RIA Solutions Group team partnered with a client in the FinTech space to accelerate the pace of progress on their solution for wealth management and financial advisors.

Digital infrastructure modernization to a private cloud set-up using microservices for a north american transportation leader.

Freight leader in North America and global transportation company, with nearly 20,000 employees and 85+ years of experience in the transportation, trucking and railroad industry.

Enterprise mobility, visibility & IoT cloudready solution for robust fleet & transportation management.

Global Digital Company with over 10.000 employees across 40 countries, delivering products and services.


Success Stories

At RIA Solutions Group, we offer expertise you can depend on to handle your enterprise data management needs. Contact us to learn more about our data and big data solutions and how we can help your business stay ahead in this rapidly evolving data landscape. Check out our Success Stories for Data & Big Data Services.