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At RIA, we live life to the fullest! Our work environment encourages growth, creativity, and fun. We value our team members and ensure everyone feels valued, supported, and appreciated.

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The initiative is formed out of a series of programs designed to help our team members become the best version of themselves.

Our objective in creating this umbrella project was to support our employees in the different aspects of the professional setting and create a structure around 4 big components: professional development, mental wellness, physical wellbeing, and last but not least, team buildings/events.

Also, we enjoy flexible work arrangements, mental health resources, and healthy habits in the workplace that support our physical and mental health.

Join us on this journey towards better wellbeing and personal growth at RIA Solutions Group!


Dare to lead: the program where leadership meets courage! We designed it to help our colleagues to become fearless leaders by guiding them through inner engineering, self-growth, and team-driven practices.

Dare to lead consists of three sprints of 4-5 months each, with bi-weekly 3-hour sessions built to accommodate people from all time zones. Our experienced coaches guide everybody through the program curriculum, including psychological safety, neuro leadership, and team dynamics models. At the end of each sprint, we hold a boot camp to actively practice what we learned and share our perspectives and experiences with other participants. The program is an opportunity to put theory into practice and receive feedback from coaches and peers.

Dare to lead program is a comprehensive leadership development program that creates lasting change by helping participants become fearless and effective team leaders.

Building resilience: mental wellness program is part of a larger initiative in RIA that targets people empowerment and well-being.

We believe that mental wellness is an essential ability to cope with the day-to-day stresses of life, and it helps us work more productively, interact more positively with others, realize our potential and have an increased satisfaction with our life.

This program is based on an analysis of the current stress level, well-being resources and preferences of our people. The mental wellness program was therefore designed based on real needs identified within our teams. It currently consists of a series of workshops and practical sessions that address building self-confidence, building resilience in the face of adversity, managing emotions, stress and anxiety, increasing mindfulness and focus and the list of topics is still open to suit the needs and help our colleagues thrive.

RIActivate: this past April, we launched the newest and most improved edition of the RIActivate Program - designed to help our colleagues revive their physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing.

Everybody loved our past editions, so we brought it back with more challenges and fun activities to engage you even further. The Spring edition of our RIActivate Program 3.0 ran throughout April, and we introduced a spiritual component that fit perfectly with the Easter season. With help from our HR team, we developed a comprehensive calendar of challenges that inspired all of us to be our best selves.

The RIActivate Program is an essential ingredient of the RIA X concept, and we’re proud to support mental and physical health with our program. We have two editions this year, one in April and one in September, so get ready to reactivate yourselves and join us for an exciting journey toward a healthier you!

Communication academy: Starting this year, we are launching a new internal training program called Communication Academy.

Led by our team of experts, this program is designed to help our team members develop their written and verbal communication skills and learn best practices for effective communication.

Join us and take your communication skills to the next level with the Communication Academy at RIA!


We value loyalty and recognize its importance in creating a thriving company culture. That's why we created a unique program to celebrate and appreciate our employees who have been with us for years.

We take pride in having team members who have been with us for more than a decade, which speaks to our positive relationship with our staff.

Our anniversary program is designed to make our employees feel valued and appreciated on their special day. Everyone receives a gift, but the longer they’ve been with us, the more personalized and thoughtful the gift becomes. We believe in showing appreciation to all team members, no matter how long they’ve been with us. It’s just one small way to say “thank you” for their hard work and dedication.

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Corporate Social Responsibility.

We firmly believe that education is essential for the growth of individuals and our community.

That’s why we invest in employee development programs and fellowship projects for young talents and support local causes that help children from disadvantaged families overcome barriers to education.

Whether it’s providing school supplies or full scholarships, our responsibility as a community and as professionals is to use our resources and expertise to make the world better, wiser, and more equitable.

Inclusion and Diversity Culture.

We believe that a diverse and inclusive team leads to better innovation and success, and we are dedicated to creating a workplace where all team members can thrive.

Join us and be part of a team that values and embraces diversity and inclusion!

Our team is our voice.