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RIA Solutions Group Privacy Policy


This policy together with the Terms and Conditions (link) of this website and any other documents we mention in this policy is meant to inform you on which personal data about you we collect, use, disclose, share or otherwise process when you are using this website, our products and our services.

Policy Statement

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) describes how RIA Solutions Group  and its affiliates (collectively “RIA” or “we”) collect and process an identified or identifiable information about you (“Personal Data”), including when you are using this website, our products, or our services (collectively, the “Services).

RIA is a global software company offering a diverse range of solutions: Application Modernization Services, Cloud Engineering Services, Infrastructure Implementation Services, BI Reporting, Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Consultancy, and Digital Product Consultancy, and we specialize in Applications Services and Consultancy Services.

Please find here (link) the locations of our offices around the world.

RIA cares about protecting the right to privacy of individuals and, while we may rely on local laws, we aim to uphold the Personal Data protection standards of the GDPR even for non-EU entities, as possible. Terms like “personal data”, “processor”, “processing”, “controller”, “data subject” and other terms defined by the GDPR are used in this Policy in accordance with the definitions given by the GDPR and are sanctioned in accordance with the GDPR. If you are a California resident, please have in mind that “data subject” also means “consumer” and “controller” also means “business”.

When you use our Services, we will collect information about you which can identify you directly (name, email) or indirectly (IP address, or other online identifiers). We may also collect information and aggregated data regarding user behavior, navigational information, device information, which helps us improve and tailor our Services and understand usage trends.

For more information about the data we collect when you are using our websites, please check our Cookie Policy. (link)

Personal Data processed by RIA

During its activity RIA may process different types of Personal Data belonging to a variety of data subjects such as employees of customers, potential customers, business partners, candidates, users of RIA’s Services, participants to RIA’s events etc. The categories and nature of Personal Data processed about you depends on your relationship with RIA, and on the purpose of processing.

Please note that, if you are enrolled by a legal entity or you have enrolled by yourself with an e-mail address registered under the domain of a legal entity, we will deem that you are acting on behalf of that entity which is either a customer or a partner of RIA, as their employee. Therefore, we will process your Personal Data on behalf of the employer, and we may need to make the Personal Data or your activity within the Services available with the employer, upon the latter’s request. We share this information based on our and your employer’s legitimate interest. Please contact us at CONTACT@RIASOLUTIONSGROUP.COM  if you have any questions. 

Providing our Services

Customer Enrollment and Provision of Services. If you are a customer, we process your name, job title, company, signature, e-mail address, country, information regarding the usage of our Services, information regarding event participation, recordings (if consented) as necessary to execute and perform the agreement underlying to the Services, in our legitimate interest to improve, secure and market our Services and to provide you with the latest information, as consented or relevant. The purpose includes license management, account activations, contracts and accounts management, providing the Services, improving your experience with our Services and associated communications.

During your use of the Services, we process information regarding your activity such as: log data information regarding when you use the services, what type of services you use, how you use the services, information about courses, progress and certifications, your posts, interests, downloads.

Access to our Website

When you visit our website, we will request your consent to collect your Personal Data, including, without being limited to, browser information, device used, IP address, user experience on the website, name, email, phone number, job level, field of expertise, employer, industry, country, or Twitter username and LinkedIn Profile URL. We will use it to provide you with relevant news, improve your experience on our website, or respond to your inquiries, as well as in our legitimate interest to know our customers and improve our Services.

When you use our websites to report an abuse, a security incident or to ask for the deletion of your accounts, we will process your name e-mail and location to respond to your request.

We also use cookies that collect certain information about your navigation on our website to improve our Services and our online presence. Certain cookies are necessary for the website to function and cannot be switched off in our systems, others allow us to measure and improve the performance of our site, to provide enhanced functionality and personalization, or to show you relevant adverts. Except for the cookies that are necessary for the website to function, all other cookies will require your consent. For more information, please visit our Cookie Policy. ( link)

Our Marketing Activities

We may process your Personal Data, such as name, e-mail address and telephone number, and other data that was either provided by you, collected from your interactions with our Services, or received from third party sources (ZoomInfo or other), for the purpose of enhancing our prospect database, for knowing our users, improving our sales strategy and for sending you marketing communications through e-mail, telephone, or e-mail. We only do so based on your explicit or implied consent, such as when you are using a particular product or service, or based on our legitimate interest, where the applicable privacy laws allow it.

Marketing communications include sending information about the Services you use or have shown interest in, Services similar to those you already use, new product releases, service developments, alerts, updates, terms, events, surveys, special offers and associated campaigns and promotions or prices, and may be performed either via targeted marketing e-mails or through our sales representatives, in accordance with the applicable laws.

You may at any time choose not to receive marketing communications from us by clicking on the unsubscribe link included in the e-mail, by indicating so when we call you, or by filling in this form.(link) Please note that if you opt out of marketing communications, we may still contact you regarding your use of our Services and to respond to your questions or requests.


When you apply for a job at RIA, or when we reach out to you for recruitment purposes, we may process your Personal Data such as name, surname, CV data, work experience, education, contact information, LinkedIn profile, other social media public profiles relevant for our job openings and other information included in your application, based on your consent, or on our legitimate interest, for the purpose of recruiting the best candidates for our job openings.

Automated Decision Making and Profiling

We use automated decision making and profiling for the following purposes:

  • To comply with our export control regulations, denying access to our Services to individuals or companies identified as restricted parties by the relevant authorities or regulatory bodies;
  • To maximize your experience with our Services and to make available personalized offers by building individual profiles using the Personal Data you provided to us, navigational information, information regarding the use of our services and information provided by our partners about you.
  • For statistical purposes and to help us improve the way we promote our Services with the help of Personal Data, such as online behavior data.

Personal Data Sharing and Disclosures

If legally required

We may also provide personal data to third parties in the following situations:

  • as lawfully requested by public authorities, auditors, or institutions competent to exercise inspections on RIA, based on their legal obligations, such as data protection authorities or authorities for consumer protection, which may ask us to provide information;
  • to comply with a legal requirement or to protect the rights and assets of RIA or other entities or people, such as courts of law, or enforcement authorities;
  • to third parties’ acquirers, as part of a change of control, merger or acquisition or similar procedures, if your Personal Data would be part of the transaction.

Personal Data Retention 

We will store your Personal Data for a limited period, as necessary to achieve the purposes of the Personal Data processing, as described in this Policy, and in accordance with our legal, contractual obligations, legitimate interest and in accordance with our internal policies and procedures regarding personal data retention. This means that we retain different categories of data for different periods of time depending on the type of data, the category of data subject to whom the data relates, and the purposes for which we collected the data. We keep your personal data if you have a relationship with RIA or are interested in our products or services.

Once the retention period expires for a specific category of data, RIA will delete, archive, anonymize or destroy it, in accordance with its internal policies and procedures, unless prohibited by the applicable law.

We also delete your personal data whenever you withdraw your consent. You may request to have all your information deleted at any time by filling in this form. (LINK)

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be changed and updated by us as it could become necessary.

We will notify you of any substantial changes to this Privacy Policy and will ensure that the notification is made in a way which ensures that you acknowledge them, for example by use of the email address that you have provided to us, or any other appropriate means that ensure effective communication.

If you do not agree with the changes, please contact us.