Good People of RIA

As you probably know by now this year marks a milestone for us: the 12th anniversary of RIA Solutions Group. We wanted to honor every individual that has dedicated his or her time to our goals, culture, and values and ultimately contributed to what and who we are today.

Undoubtedly, this year, as well, is about RIA people, a living embodiment of our culture.

They are bright, reliable, passionate individuals and professionals with great care for our customers. Besides doing a spotless job in their profession, every one of them is a valuable human being who creates an impact in society and the community they are part of.

And because of all the inspiring things going on in their lives, it only seems fair that each story should get a fair share of the limelight, serving as motivation for the world to follow in their footsteps.

The series of interviews we have conducted internally allowed us to discover more uplifting insights about how the people of RIA change the world bit by bit along with their passions, goals, and challenges – outlining what RIA’s culture is all about.

Marketing Manager at RIA Solutions Group