Better serve your wealth management clients using a robust digitalized solution

Digitalize the experience of your wealth management solution to better serve your clients

Managing a business in the digital era requires an in-depth digitization process to keep up with the latest technological advancements in the industry. There is no doubt that technology has profound disruptive effects on the wealth management area as well. The current trend signals a transformation of the Wealth Management value chain by supporting a long-term customer-centric vision.

Leveraging technology to adapt to industry challenges

The competitive advantage of this market will belong to companies that will incorporate technology in their business models. This market has seen a heavy shift from the traditional business models to the digital ones therefore we aim to build powerful, intuitive frameworks for financial advisors.

Finding a software development partner for your FinTech company needs can prove to be problematic due to a heavily regulated industry with demanding expectations from investors. We focus on generating excellent results by aligning with your solution’s internal capabilities and placing emphasis on your customers’ objectives.

Among the main challenges of the financial advisory market are:

  • Outdated, legacy applications based on the traditional paradigm of wealth management are currently outpaced by newer, more innovative solutions.
  • Legal requirements of this industry need to be merged into the technical architecture causing expensive development fees and a higher time to market
  • Security breaches  that jeopardize the solution and disclosure of sensitive data
  • Lack of workflow automation causing higher workload from consultants

Refresh your technological landscape to empower advisors and achieve customer success

Our passion for technology, drive towards excellent results, and a high degree of alignment with customer goals and objectives will significantly accelerate the pace of progress and speed of delivery.

At RIA Solutions, we use open source technologies to create highly intuitive wealth management solutions for financial advisors. We tackle each project with sustainability and scalability as a priority, leveraging the tools and technologies of the future. The approach we focus on recognizes the current industry challenges and develops key features to ensure the robust performance of your solution.

  • Activity Tracking – Keeping track of all tasks, activities performed, or any other notes related to a client, facilitating accountability.
  • Advanced Workflows and Automation – Enables the possibility to easily manage the entire flow of a firm’s business processes.
  • Client Data Segmentation and Reporting – A wide range of reports and various search options allow users to quickly find the necessary information.
  • Client Communication – Robust and intuitive tools help gather lists of contacts, helping advisors communicate more proactively with clients.
  • Third-Party Integrations – Integrations with portfolio custodians and financial providers allow the exchange of data to reduce time and effort. Other third-party integrations can be deployed to support various functions such as online document management or electronic signature providers.

In an increasingly digitized world, businesses benefit from developing innovative approaches to traditional challenges. Commencing your digital journey will enable your enterprise to evolve and thrive. Find out how we can put solutions like this to work out for you. Get in touch with us!

The article above was only an overview of what wealth management is and how it can benefit your organization but we do not expect you to take our word for it.  Get a glimpse of our past projects in which we have successfully leveraged the microservice architecture and containerized environments. By innovating the technological landscape we provided our clients with high availability and scalability while reducing technical debt for their applications.

RIA Solutions Group’s professionals are here for you if you are looking to digitally transform your business by implementing microservices in your business model. Find out how we can put solutions like this to work out for you.

Petru is a technical team leader with more than 14 years of experience in the IT industry, focused on solving complex technical problems and improving team dynamics. He believes high performing teams are formed by flexible individuals that work in collaborative and trusting environments, where ideas are shared and openness and honesty are valued. Petru had driven and led architecture designs and execution of complex software solutions. He enjoys working really close with cross-functional leaders to define customer-centric vision and strategy, always pushing the boundaries, always challenging with the next question and thinking out of the box to tackle complex puzzles.