Different and better

The story behind our rebranding

The Japanese use the word kaizen which means “change for the better”. Contemporary thought is often about ongoing tiny improvements known as getting 1% better each day. The net is the same, which is to strive each day to be better and do better. We know this as the process behind our goal to be different and better. This goal in turn feeds our mission to redefine the experience of working with a software development services provider.

Different and better infuses itself in everything we do. And done right, this is the fuel which powers the organization by building our reputation as good people who do great work!

As we launch into the year, we do so with a refreshed energy and renewed commitment to be the best versions of our professional selves. We continue to align the organization behind this goal. It is our core belief that this focus is the key to unlocking the opportunities that inspire us. This commitment allows us to step into an upward spiral where being better opens greater opportunities which in turn pushes us to be better still.

Our logo is the most visible element of our brand. We want our logo to reflect this same spirit of continuous improvement and renewed energy. Today I am pleased to introduce the result of a lot of thoughtful work by our Marketing team.  Our updated logo.


Good design tells a story. Here are the key points to the story of our logo.

  • The red dot represents all of us as a group. Bound together and infused with positive energy!
  • The red dot also represents the spot where clients can find the technology partner they need.
  • For our customers, we want the red dot to symbolize the end of past negative experiences with other providers and the start of new positive experiences with RIA.

In addition to the design story points, we hope that the logo aesthetics as a whole, with its sleek lines, contemporary look, and internet technology echoes, is representative of our status as a progressive and tech-savvy group.

My parting message for today is of gratitude and commitment. Gratitude for the continued efforts of the entire team as it is these efforts that fuel the business, and to our clients for providing the opportunity to do what we love. And a renewed commitment from our organization to be different and better.

President at RIA Solutions Group