Women in Tech. Women of RIA.

The tech industry is undeniably exciting and dynamic, constantly expanding with rapid advancements. Moreover, there is a growing recognition that gender diversity is crucial for driving innovation and progress. In this regard, companies like RIA Solutions Group lead the way, actively promoting and empowering women in tech.
At RIA, women are welcomed and actively encouraged to take on leadership roles and make meaningful contributions to the company’s success. Additionally, the leadership at RIA recognizes that diversity of thought and experience is essential for creating innovative solutions and providing exceptional service to clients. Consequently, they actively seek women with the necessary skills and knowledge to help propel the company forward.

How we support women in RIA

To further support women in tech, RIA provides a range of opportunities for professional development and advancement. Women can enhance their skills through various training and development programs and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies. Furthermore, the company offers mentorship programs that connect women with experienced professionals, fostering guidance and support as they navigate their careers.

Another significant aspect of RIA’s approach is creating a culture that truly values diversity and inclusion. The company recognizes that everyone brings unique perspectives and experiences that can contribute to the team’s success and the company. Thus, they actively seek out individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultivate a supportive environment where everyone can thrive. RIA also encourages employees to bring their authentic selves to work, acknowledging that personal identities and experiences outside of work significantly contribute to their professional success.
In this thought-provoking article, we can hear directly from women at RIA.

Through their inspiring stories and experiences, we gain valuable insights into what it takes to succeed as a woman in the tech industry. Also, how can companies create a more inclusive culture that empowers all employees to reach their full potential?

What’s it like working in the IT field?

“Sooo rewarding. It gives me confidence, an amazing feeling of control, and the power to conquer any challenges I face.” Madalina

“Challenging. Everything keeps changing, but probably this happens in other areas as well since the world is changing much faster than before.” Eva

“It’s really exciting to work in the IT field because there are a lot of roles to explore in this area, not only from a development perspective. All women scared to join IT should know this: I’m glad I discovered this early in my career.” Giorgiana

“Working in the IT field is quite engaging. There’s always new things to learn and places to evolve.” Ionela

“It’s challenging and awesome simultaneously: smart people challenge you every day. You have to be updated with what is happening in the industry and stay connected to a team working mostly remotely.” Emanuela

What advice would you give to a woman considering a career in the tech industry? What do you wish you had known?

“Embrace failure and keep going! I remember how much I struggled when I stumbled upon a blocker and had difficulty dealing with even a slight setback before realizing it was part of the process. Amazing things will unravel if you don’t give up, keep trying, keep learning, and keep working.” Madalina

“It helps if you’re passionate about tech, if you like to learn new things all the time and solve problems.” Eva

“I wish I had known when I joined IT that consistency and small steps lead to great big things. Always!” Giorgiana

 “A woman considering a career in the tech industry should consider that it’s a career where there is constant advancement in the field, so she should keep up to date daily, just like a physician or an attorney would do. I wish I’d known that the practical part is more important than the theoretical one.” Ionela

“Try it, no matter what you decide after walking into the IT field, it will be a remarkable experience. People are nicer than the presumptions about the people in the IT industry. There are so many great things to learn from people working in the IT field, their way of working, and the passion they put into what they do.” Emanuela

What should we be doing more to encourage more women to consider a career in tech?

“Exposure. We could have open days and allow them to “taste” what the tech industry is all about.” Madalina

“I think recently, women are also very present in this area. IT has various things under its umbrella which can also be attractive for women.” Eva

“I remember that in College, one professor said that the IT field, especially the software side, was designed for women in the first place. I think just like there are movies about dedicated physicians. There should be more movies featuring brilliant girls in tech and more representation of women in tech in the media. Considering that, it would be an awesome idea to have mini-documentaries presented in high schools or Colleges with short interviews presenting passionate girls in the field.” Ionela

“Be open. Talk about challenges like opportunities, not like challenges that cannot be overcome by a woman as easily as by a man.” Emanuela

What is your biggest stress reliever?

“Puppy eyes and a wagging tail. Oh… and baking! (I’m not good at it, but practice makes it better).” Madalina

“My biggest stress reliever is listening to music, dancing, and watching comedies.” Eva

“Of course, there is a lot of stress in this domain, but it is important to find what works for you to relieve it (no, chocolate is not a good option :)). What works for me is identifying the root cause of the stress and splitting the problem into smaller tasks that are easy to manage. Good coffee has the same effect.” Giorgiana

“My biggest stress reliever is taking long walks in the park and listening to podcasts.” Ionela

“Walking in nature, traveling to new places, and absorbing all the culture surrounding me.” Emanuela

Fun fact about you?

“I love reading, but I can only finish a book after starting another one. I always have at least 5 books in progress (different genres) that I switch between based on my mood.” Madalina

“Not sure if there is anything funny about me, but the fact is that my kids are handling and finding things much faster on any gadget than I do.” Eva

“I’m a book hoarder even though I sympathize with the minimalist movement. I don’t see books as objects (even though I resonate with this comparison: “Think not of the books you’ve bought as a “to be read” pile. Instead, think of your bookcase as a wine cellar. You collect books to be read at the right time, place, and mood.” – Luc van Donkersgoed). I see them as experiences: turning back in time and meeting genius minds or going long physical distances to meet interesting contemporary people. And as a bonus: the experiences can be switched on or off the way you like them, without commercials interrupting the moment. :))” Ionela

“I like to sing out loud in the car while driving.” Emanuela


As we wrap up our short interviews with the women of RIA Solutions Group, we are left with a powerful reminder of the incredible value diversity and inclusion can bring to the tech industry.

These women have shared their unique perspectives, showcasing the tremendous talent and potential women can bring to the field. By prioritizing diversity and creating an inclusive culture, companies like RIA lead the way toward a brighter future for tech, where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and make a difference.

As we look towards the future, we must continue to advocate for gender diversity and work towards creating more inclusive workplaces. By doing so, we can unlock the full potential of the tech industry and drive meaningful progress for all. We thank the women of RIA Solutions Group for sharing their stories with us and inspiring us to keep pushing for positive change.

Marketing Manager at RIA Solutions Group